Adrian Fowell - Pure (CAAN)




“This is the best solution I have seen with a CAAN or ACAAN premise. I will always have this with me, because it is that good!
Highly recommended!” - Doug Canning

“A breakthrough in the CAAN department” - Matthew Mayavi

“I am greatly impressed with this” - Neil Somerville


You give a cased deck of cards to the spectator and write the name of a playing card on the back of your business card, a piece of index card, whatever.

It’s placed prediction face-down to one side.

The spectator names a number, removes the cards from the case and checks them out.

They deal the cards directly to their number in a face-up pile and the card arrived at is placed aside. You never touch the cards.

With genuinely empty hands, the prediction is turned over…

It matches perfectly.


No forces (number 5-45)
Deck can be handled-freely by the spectator
No unnecessary counting of cards - cards are dealt once only, face-up
No switches - only one prediction and selected card in play
You never touch or come near to the cards in any way after you give the spectator the closed, cased, deck - only then do they name a number
Bonus ‘borrowed deck’ handlings included for which any complete deck can be used
No memory work or maths
No mis-indexed cards, rough and smooth, gaffed cases etc
Quick reset
Minimal Arts & Crafts with no skill required

The demo is a genuine depiction of the effect. Nothing happens to the prediction off camera. It’s that clean.

Also note that at this time the effect as shown should be performed in the English language ONLY.

Please make sure to download all three files.