Jed Smith - Three Kinds of Amazing




In this download New York card expert Jed Smith teaches three exceptional items. The first is a fantastic revelation of a selected card, in which four Aces are also found. You’ll also learn a highly efficient and unusual Collector’s routine.

Finally, and just for the move monkeys, you’ll learn one of the most challenging but useful reversal sleights ever devised. We are delighted by the quality of material in this download, and we’re pleased to offer it at one low price.

Each of these three routines was featured in Apocalypse Magazine, and HIGHLY sought after. In particular, the ability to reveal a selected card under a spectator’s finger is something that ALL magicians will find useful. Jed’s take on Collectors is both efficient and easy to do, while his secret card reversal is one of the fastest we’ve ever seen.

Running time: 13 minutes, 30 seconds