Juan Tamariz - Penguin Live Lecture 2




Juan Tamariz shows you how he makes card magic play big in his full, stand-up performance filmed at the prestigious Magic Circle in London.

Thought of Card- A single card is placed aside as a prediction. Someone from the audience names any card. When his prediction is shown, it proves to be correct!

Thought of Cards Across- Two thought-of cards invisibly travel from one packet to another using a clever new combination of methods that will fool you.

Two Thought Cards- A spectator helps choose someone in the audience to name any card, which his helper removes from his back pocket. This card then changes into another one she’s merely been thinking of while it’s held in her hand… but only for a moment as it returns to its original form.

Phone Trick- Juan figures out what card someone on the other end of a phone call is thinking.

The Three Coincidence Trick- A multiphase routine with a red backed and a blue backed deck. The two decks are shuffled thoroughly and the audience makes all the choices. A card is cut to and the mates end up being the only cards reversed in the deck. Then, the red backed and blue backed cards are shuffled together, both spectators somehow choose the same card, one of each color back. Juan now shows that ALL the cards in both packets match exactly even after all that shuffling. And what about the red cards still in the spectators’ pockets? Those all match exactly too!